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CAMPAIGNS     Valentine Day 2012
Global Handwashing Day 2011
Valentine Day 2012
Valentine Day 2014
Show Your Love With Clean Hands On Valentine's Day.

St Valentine's Day 14th February signifies love. It is a special day for the celebration of LOVE. It is also an occasion when special gifts are presented to special people in our lives. These special people can be family members, friends, and colleagues among others. These special people should at all cost be saved from eating germs.

We can take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to show our love by promoting Hand Washing with Soap. There is no better way of showing one's love than to save a person's life. Our hands pick germs we cannot see and are most of the times contaminated. Therefore the hands must be washed with soap before handling presents and before eating. The hands that are used to wrap and open presents must be clean. Expression of love through presentation of gifts and even handshake should not end up with sharing of germs.


St Valentine's Day also coincides with the National Chocolate Day. Chocolates are usually given as presents. The unwrapped chocolates must be handled with only clean hands. The chocolates must be eaten with the hands washed with soap.


Show love to as many people as you can with an inexpensive gift. Send the truly cleans hands message as your gift to that special person. Attach a hand washing message tag to a bar of soap and all presents. For truly Clean Hands Always Wash your Hands with soap .





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